PROFI Merchandising merchandising partner of Bioprogram

October 2011 PROFI Merchandising The two companies reached a long-term partnership agreement in order to develop a merchandising strategy in the retail outlets. The main criteria by which “PROFI” was selected, after a test period, as a merchandising partner are professional level of work and high performance, measured in sales, as well as and experience […]

PROFI Merchandising at the “CROSSING POINT”

Our colleague Hristo Stanev was invited to participate for the second year in the conference of the magazine “Progressive” – entitled “Partnership at the Point at an intersection “ The event took place on June 16-17 in the city of Plovdiv and brought together managers in the trade of fast moving consumer goods. The Chief […]

New spring changes for the PROFI team

The marketing department of PROFI delights the team with new company clothes. Stylish and practical, made especially on the model of the company, the uniforms are the final finish of the company identity and the corporate image of the company. The new company clothes will distinguish the PROFI team at the point of sale, where […]

PROFI Merchandising will open a representative office in Macedonia

Profi Merchandising “plans to open an office in Skopje, the city with the largest concentration of retail outlets in Macedonia. The idea arose during a meeting of one of PROFI’s clients with its Macedonian trading partners. He explained to his colleagues the benefits of transferring merchandising to an external company to provide the service professionally. […]

The fast-paced market through the eyes of PROFI Merchandising

Our colleague Hristo Stanev was a lecturer at a seminar on “The market at a fast pace.” The event brought together sales managers from various branches of trade, who listened with interest and participated in the current topic: “Get to know the chains to love them!”. In it, Hristo Stanev made an analysis of the […]

What is an influencer campaign and what are its benefits?

During the winter months PROFI launched a new support for the red wines of Telish . Wine specialist or so. “Influencer” provides competent assistance in choosing wine in front of the shelves of the highest turnover sites of the chains. Customers tend to consult a representative of the company, because the choice of wine is […]

Evy baby – the youngest client of PROFI

In the new year we started working with the distributor of baby diapers Evy baby – we want to welcome them to the family of our customers, for us is a pleasure to take care of your products. We are extremely happy for the quick results shared by the owner of the company, for a […]

PROFI Merchandising now covered in Carrefour

The PROFI Merchandising team is happy to tell you that from the beginning of 2011 it can also provide merchandising coverage in Carrefour hypermarkets. The chain took the strategic measure to allow external merchandising in order to maintain and develop the good results it registered in 2010. Thanks to our many years of work and […]

Hristo Stanev keynote speaker at the seminar “The fast-moving market”

Hristo Stanev, Operations Director in the team of PROFI Merchandising will be a keynote speaker at the seminar “Fast Turnover Market”, which will be held on March 17 from 9:30. at the Best Western City Hotel on Dondukov Blvd. in Sofia. PROFI Merchandising was kindly invited by the team of Event in progress to participate […]