New year new address

The team of PROFI Merchandising is pleased to inform its clients and partners that in the new year it will meet and serve them at a new address: Regus Business Center Bul. Totleben 53-55 Sofia 1606 Phone 8057165 Fax 8057001

November competition “who is the best”

The management of PROFI again pleasantly surprised its employees. A competition between all members of the team started in November, based on the results achieved during the month. The prizes are 5 vouchers for a visit to a fashion salon, where colleagues will pamper them and receive a festive hairstyle and manicure. The results will […]

PROFI Merchandising participant in the forum of the Bio & Eko exhibition

In November our colleague Hristo Stanev took part in the forum at the exhibition Bio & amp ; Eco NDK. Hristo was invited by the organizers to share his rich and current experience of working with the chains. The lecture emphasizes the role of the chains in the developing Bulgarian market and the preserved place […]

PROFI Merchandising already in Ruse and Stara Zagora

From October PROFI started merchandising coverage in the cities of Ruse and Stara Zagora. The company is making another expansion of its network, already covering all major cities in the country. The choice of merchandising locations is made on the basis of demand analysis for this type of service, as well as on the basis […]

Products Zebra – the latest coverage of PROFI Merchandising

At the beginning of July, a national merchandising cover for the Zebra products was launched. The company is a Bulgarian manufacturer of toilet paper, napkins and kitchen rolls. .Zebra is a market leader with a 20% market share. Zebra’s Commercial Director – Mrs. Kristina Gyurova met with our colleague Hristo Stanev at the conference of […]

PROFI Merchandising speaker at the Progressive magazine conference

Our colleague Hristo Stanev took part as a speaker at the first conference of the magazine Progressive on the topic “Directions for the development of modern trade in Bulgaria – trends and prospects The two-day event attracted 14 speakers, including four foreign ones, as well as over 100 participants – representatives of retail chains, manufacturers, […]

The best merchandiser in Kaufland Plovdiv

Our merchandiser Lalka Horozova was chosen as the “Best merchandiser” in Kaufland Plovdiv, according to the employees of the store. As a reward she will take advantage of preferences in the site. She has proven herself with perfect organization and high efficiency. Let’s not forget that she is an honorary citizen of the city of […]

May 2010

In May and June a game competition will be organized between all merchandisers – members of the Profi team. The winners will be the employees with the highest rating measured in both months (the rating is a system in the company for control and measurement of merchandising standards). The prize for the first two places […]

April 2010

Profi were invited to visit the confectionery factory of one of their clients “Sugar factories Gorna Oryahovitsa”. There the chief technologist shared secrets about the recipes of Lemon slices, Onions, Lactate, Halvata and other delicacies. candy and retired happy!

January 2010

Progressive Magazine invited professionals from Profi Merchandising to talk about the secrets of trading in the retail sales channel in the form of a monthly column in the magazine. Topics that have already been published are “How to work with chains?”, “Customer behavior on the shelf, or how to tell him what to buy. ”,“ […]