PROFI Merchandising enters the traditional market

In February, Profi Merchandising launched a new project for merchandising in the traditional market , involving local chains and independent retailers. The project envisages covering all major cities in the country.

The company has been operating on the market for four years now and offers professional merchandising services in major international chains. The results that the company has achieved for its customers have made it one of the leaders in the segment.

That’s why Profi has launched a project to transfer the effects of merchandising in sales to the traditional market and to offer outsourcing of this service there as well.

PROFI Merchandising enters the traditional market Despite the serious expansion of the chains in recent years, the unorganized market continues to occupy a large market niche in the sale of FMCG. Merchandising there is the link between manufacturer, distributor, store and end user.

In the traditional market, the opportunities to influence listing, shelf positions and secondary exposures are much greater than in modern trade, where all this is centralized and pre-regulated in the sites.

Profi has created a new reporting system for merchandising in a traditional market, which will measure parameters such as category share, shelf share and numerical distribution. The ultimate goal is to improve these parameters through merchandising to achieve sales growth .