PROFI Merchandising merchandising partner of Bioprogram

October 2011

PROFI Merchandising

The two companies reached a long-term partnership agreement in order to develop a merchandising strategy in the retail outlets.

The main criteria by which “PROFI” was selected, after a test period, as a merchandising partner are professional level of work and high performance, measured in sales, as well as and experience in the sector and practical know-how, results control and feedback.

The management of PROFI commented that it will focus its team of specialists in order to achieve the best results for the products in terms of positioning and availability and the introduction of merchandising standards of Bioprogram.

Choosing a merchandising partner is an important part of Bioprogram’s overall marketing strategy. The main goal is to maintain and expand the market share of 37%. The company is a leading manufacturer of tea, herbs and nutritional supplements. The product range of “Bioprograma” in the retail chains includes Premium, Herbal and Fruit types of tea.

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