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What is it to work as a merchandiser at PROFI? FAQ:

1.What are the main activities?
- Loading goods on store shelves
- Monitoring the availability of serviced items
- Assistance in preparing an application
- Care for the good positioning of the products
- Filling in a reporting application (the company provides mobile phone, internet and training for filling in a report)
2. Which stores will I serve?
Merchandising is carried out in the stores of the large retail chains Billa, Kaufland, Metro, Fantastico, T-Market, Lidl and others.
3. When will I work and for how many hours?
The working day is 8 am, from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday-Friday, public holidays.
4. What products will I work with?
You will serve products of some of the largest and well-known manufacturers in the categories of confectionery, food, beverages, cosmetics and more. The products are described in detail and easily accessible in the reporting application in the office phone.
5. How far do I have to travel and how many stores will I serve?
We cover a wide network of stores and so we can make sure that the serviced site is close to where the merchandiser lives, and the number of sites is usually 1 or 2 larger stores in a compact area, so that the merchandiser does not waste time in transport. . The company provides a card for public transport or, if you need to use a personal car, you pay car rent and fuel.
6. How long will it take me to train as a merchandiser?
The training lasts up to 1 month, is practically focused, is conducted in stores by a supervisor or senior merchandiser, and new colleagues always work in a team with a current colleague and receive constant support and assistance.