Hristo Stanev keynote speaker at the seminar “The fast-moving market”

Hristo Stanev, Operations Director in the team of PROFI Merchandising will be a keynote speaker at the seminar “Fast Turnover Market”, which will be held on March 17 from 9:30. at the Best Western City Hotel on Dondukov Blvd. in Sofia.

PROFI Merchandising was kindly invited by the team of Event in progress to participate in their platform for events aimed at professional and personal development. In partnership with the two experts Hristo Stanev and Boyan Kutevski, the event will address two of the key topics on the market. In the first part Dr. Boyan Kutevski will discuss “The evolution of a successful product to a successful brand”, and in the second panel colleague Hristo Stanev will focus on one of the discussed topics “How to work with chains”. With many real examples, he will tell how to analyze the range in the chain, the financial results during the year, the trading conditions with the chain, the logistics efficiency and the promotional activities.

This workshop is for all manufacturers, importers, distributors, professionals in the field of marketing, brand management and marketing communications, key account managers and sales directors who face the cases of the FMCG sector on a daily basis. The workshop is not for intellectual training, but for practitioners for sleeveless practitioners and for capacity building for individual, team and organizational leadership.

We cordially invite you to the workshop and we will be happy if you bring some new ideas or even new views into your daily work through this event!

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