The “Favorite Company” competition of PROFI ended successfully – CONGRATULATIONS to the winners !!!

With the end of the month of wine and love, the competition for Favorite Company, organized by the team of PROFI Merchandising, ended.

The companies Triza, Lavena, Zebra, Gimel, Pims, Telish, Zaharni Zavodi and last but not least Star Foods took part in the competition. The winner of the competition was GIMEL, with a total of 42 votes.

It was a real pleasure for the PROFI team to watch the development of the game. We thank all the participants who gave their over 140 votes for their FAVORITE COMPANIES.

Svetla Dyulgyarova is the lady who luckyly grabbed the basket of delicious treats from all the participants :)

From the whole team of PROFI CONGRATULATIONS to the winners !!!

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