Echo of the seminar

The first practical seminar on “Merchandising in modern and traditional trade” took place on February 10 with the participation of our colleague Hristo Stanev, organized by REGAL magazine .

The topic turned out to be extremely topical, the registered participants exceeded expectations and the organizers released a second date – March 16 for a re-run of the event . At this stage, almost all seats for the second date are engaged.

Among the subscribers are representatives of suppliers such as Carlsberg Bulgaria, Devin AD, Zaharni Zavodi Gorna Oryahovitsa, Pobeda, Carmela, Gradus, National Distributors, Agiva, etc. as well as by chains such as Piccadilly, Promarket, Monsieur Bricolage, Hypoland and Multirama.

According to the feedback we received in the form of a survey from those present – over 90% rated the seminar as very useful, relevant and entirely practice-based . The assessment of the lecturer Hristo Stanev is even more positive – 97% of the respondents define his competencies as highly professional.

The topic that raised the most questions and discussions was the analysis of types of retail chains and the alternative traditional market.

The participants were also interested in the practical cases. They were also given the opportunity to take on the role of Category Managers and Merchandisers themselves and to arrange a shelf of products according to the category, the level of the shelf and the prices of articles.

Great attention was paid to the creation, control and motivation of a merchandising team, where the speaker shared inside information from the company PROFI Merchandising .

Anyone who wishes can send via site our other topics that would be of interest for a workshop.