PROFI’s hobby: Neighbors-grocery store from neighbors to neighbors

A big passion of Profi’s owners has always been the trade in fast-moving goods. That’s why he opened a “Neighbors” store exactly a year ago. This is the place where we can go wild with assortment, promotions, merchandising and develop our own sales! Anyone who wants to come and discuss the intricacies of merchandising is welcome in Manastirski Livadi-East, bl.64 to Flora Park.

Here is the story of the creation of the store by the architects of “Fantastico” – Cityscape:

“This is a story about creative impulse and trust. Because this time we came across clients with imagination. Clients who were passionate about our ideas and managed to see the potential of the solution without falling into literalism. Thanks to them, we remembered the forgotten pleasure of working with a pencil in hand instead of a mouse.

And so we started working with a swing. Customers had a very strong logo – a logo that gave us a solid starting point. They knew exactly what feeling they wanted to achieve – a warm, homely atmosphere, a friendly attitude towards the client. As from neighbors – for neighbors. And when you have a clear goal, the work goes on water.

We started with the facade – a simple treatment, without intrusive elements. Wooden vegetable shelves fill an existing opening in the facade, a bench hanging on hemp ropes offers relaxation to shoppers.

And a little joke – pictures on the facade, but such that you get hungry when you look at them…

The interior had to be cozy but memorable; without budget allocations, but with its own identity. We offered our customers a risky solution, and they were brave enough to believe us… You will be amazed at how many interesting things can be achieved with just one hemp rope. But let’s show you:

It’s always hard when you’re doing something for the first time. But how good it is when the end result exceeds expectations… Let’s look together:

At the entrance you are greeted by richly loaded vegetables, which are reflected in a mirror on one side. This mirror allows you to see the bottom of the store with the first step inside. And it adds depth and space to an otherwise small space.

Above the shelves there are separate storage spaces to compensate for the lack of space. Their wooden doors give a warm feeling to the interior. But the main emphasis is on hemp ropes, which like a cobweb delicately emphasize the entrance area and lighting fixtures.

Wooden shelves invite you to get rid of excess luggage and with a light heart to immerse yourself in shopping.

New reading of a familiar element – column skin:

A few details…

I can’t wait to take you to a small area, but endless in content – the one with alcohol… On the pallet you will find a selection, highlighted by a lamp from wine bottles:

I would like to point out, dear friends, that apart from the fact that almost the whole office took part in the invention and implementation of the lamp, we drank each bottle PERSONALLY  :-) Then don’t say we don’t take things to heart…

The layout of the area is quite inviting. Every time I look at these empty bottles and I want to fill them :-)

Apart from being a gourmet challenge, this lamp was also a serious technical difficulty. It’s a lot of fun to draw it, but when it comes to securely tying and leveling each bottle… it’s good that we have a real Node Lord in our office  :-)

You must have already sensed that I have a bias towards this area; so let’s move on quickly before I bother you:

The area with the display cases is actually a small niche… But the mirrored back makes it look much more spacious.

The ropes emphasize the area without lowering and squeezing the ceiling – both there are and there are none:

I told you it was a personal store. Here is another example of this. Anyone who has walked into a store with a young child knows the challenge of shopping in tandem with a child.

While parents admire the temptations in the display case, we have provided entertainment for the little ones:

And since it’s not just a shop, you can always stop by for a neighbor’s coffee.

Our virtual walk is coming to an end… Don’t forget to sit on the bench while you pack your bags and finish your coffee. And you can just sit and chat with your neighbors.

So, friends, the NEIGHBORS store has already opened its doors…

We thank them for the pleasure of working together, for their trust and courage and for their sense of humor :-)

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